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James: Authentic Faith Goes To Work


James cares deeply about people ACTUALLY knowing and following Jesus, rather than merely CLAIMING to know and follow Him. And no, they're not the same thing.

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The Soul Felt Its Worth (Advent 2022)

Hope, Peace, Love, & Joy are not merely noble words with a holiday flair. They are tsunamis rolling out of the seismic event of the incarnation. They forever change the landscape of whatever they happen to crash upon.

Ruth: Resolve, Redemption, & Restoration

The story of Ruth is often described as the Bible's Rom-Com. There is heartache and redemption. But what makes Ruth different is that it's not like a Rom-Com at all. Ruth is real. Real sin. Real consequences. A real human savior. All pointing to a real Savior to come.

The Psalms

The Psalms are just honest. We need more of that in our lives.

Titus: The Church, Faith, & Practice

Avoiding error is not as complicated as we sometimes make it. Humble yourself before the word. Raise up leaders who exemplify that humility. Help each other grow. Do what's right.

Fruit: What God's People Look Like

The Fruit of The Spirit is a pretty exhaustive picture of the core-level character that defines God’s people. But this character is never self-made. It is the natural (yet cultivated) fruition of God’s own good character in the people He is remaking into His image.

It Is Well (Advent 2021)

Join us for a slow walk to the manger. And when we get there, we will discover that Advent changes everything.

Jonah and the Boundless Compassion of God

The book of Jonah isn't about a fish. It's about God. It's about an extravagant grace and a boundless compassion. Towards Israel. Towards the Ninevites. Towards some pagan sailors. And especially towards a rebellious prophet.

Beautifully Upside Down (1st Corinthians)

God's Kingdom has been built out in such a way that it appears upside down to all the competing kingdoms of this world. But it's also more beautiful than anything that any other kingdom could ever offer.

But Why? (The Reasons We Do What We Do)

We take a look at several key pieces and postures of our regular Sunday gatherings and simply ask: Why do we do that?

The Christmas We Didn't Expect (Advent 2020)

What if the chaos of the last year actually helps us better understand a truly unexpected Christmas story?

Habakkuk: Heartache, Hope & Happiness

The Prophet Habakkuk helps us understand what worship and trust look like when your world is falling apart around you.

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