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Joy to the World (Advent 2022)

The Christian celebration of Advent runs a different route than our modern idea of "The Christmas Season". Rather than a rush for more, Advent is an intentional effort to slow down and pay careful attention to that which is truly eternity shaking. Join us as we take our foot off of the gas pedal and celebrate the birth that changes everything about the way we live in the world today, and everything we place our hope in forever.

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Jonah and the Boundless Compassion of God

The book of Jonah isn't about a fish. It's about God. It's about an extravagant grace and a boundless compassion. Towards Israel. Towards the Ninevites. Towards some pagan sailors. And especially towards a rebellious prophet.

Beautifully Upside Down (1st Corinthians)

God's Kingdom has been built out in such a way that it appears upside down to all the competing kingdoms of this world. But it's also more beautiful than anything that any other kingdom could ever offer.

But Why? (The Reasons We Do What We Do)

We take a look at several key pieces and postures of our regular Sunday gatherings and simply ask: Why do we do that?

The Christmas We Didn't Expect (Advent 2020)

What if the chaos of the last year actually helps us better understand a truly unexpected Christmas story?

Habakkuk: Heartache, Hope & Happiness

The Prophet Habakkuk helps us understand what worship and trust look like when your world is falling apart around you.

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